After a few recent conversations, I think it's time I posted a reminder of why sourcing prints through your photographer is so important!

  • Professional file management - If 'Why is my photo pixelated?' or 'Why is my head cropped off?' sounds like you...

  • Warranty - we're perfectionists and know how our work should look. In fact, my canvases have a 75 year unconditional replacement guarantee (even covering accidental damage!).

  • Archival paper/ink - it's a completely different paper stock and far superior printing method to any major retailer.

  • Ready to display - by the time you've bought a print, found a frame, bent the photo trying to tape it into the frame and put the hanger on the back... you could've let me handle it all for you.

  • Calibration - as great as Kmart is, printing and colour reproduction isn't their strong suit, and we all know my bright photos are my jam.

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