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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

...And it's not necessarily about having a huge budget!

Over the past decade I've photographed over 100 weddings and, undoubtedly, every wedding is unique - but there are a select few that I have especially fond memories of for a variety of reasons. Usually it's less about dollar signs and more about the connections between people, the carefully considered sentimental touches or the quirky, fun activities that get wedding guests more involved in the celebrations.

So, what tips do I have to offer?

As a place close to their hearts, Nick actually planned to propose to Erin on Heron Island until a cyclone ruined his plans - so they got married there instead!

1. Add personalisation that reflects you as a couple.

Whether that means bringing your pets along for the party or organising your dream car as transport for the day, a personal touch that displays your own unique personalities and interests as a couple will immediately make a wedding day more your own.

Bringing your beloved pets to the wedding is sure to make the crowd 'aww' and add an extra special touch to your day.

2. A ‘WOW’ piece for the day.

It could be a beautiful ceremony arbor hand-made by the groom, a reception highlight such as a vintage caravan serving drinks or a custom neon sign with your names on it as a photo backdrop. This tip is about creating something that's sure to stick in your guests' minds and become a talking point for years to come!

Yep, that's a wedding cake made of cheese - certainly one to remember (and it was delicious too)!

3. Atmosphere - create the vibe you want!

Put simply, if you want a party wedding then bring out the confetti and start the pop playlist as soon as you walk up the aisle. If you want a relaxed romantic wedding, bring out the candles and festoon lights at your reception alongside an acoustic duo. I could go on, but the point is that you will start setting the tone for your day from the moment your send out your wedding invites - plan accordingly!

Surprise your partner with their favourite car as your transport for the afternoon - and bring an esky of drinks and snacks to top it off!

4. The details DO matter.

It's about little things adding up to become the big things, and there are a lot of points I could make here - but my main example is regarding florals. Use the real deal wherever you can, be it dried or fresh (at least for a bridal bouquet if nothing else) - you'll remember the scent and immediately have memories rush back whenever you're near a similar arrangement, you can dry or preserve your flowers and they are more aesthetically appealing and authentic in photos.

Adorning your bouquet with a brooch or charm can also be a beautiful reminder of your most cherished loved ones and something to take with you wherever you go on your wedding day.

5. Incorporate (or break) the traditions.

Don't be afraid to plan a wedding day that is uniquely you, some traditions can

be kept and others are made to be broken. Maybe you're planning to wear your great grandmother's heirloom brooch, have your bridesmaids wear white or incorporate a 'first look' before the ceremony - do as YOU please!

Getting married in a cave lit only by candles and then adventuring further through the caverns for wedding portraits, this day certainly ticked the 'out of the ordinary' box!

I hope these tips planted some seeds for your own planning, send me a message if you'd like to talk about capturing your own unique wedding celebrations!



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