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It's been a while since I've shared photos of the face behind the camera, so here I am with some fast facts!

  • Portrait photographer since 2010.

  • Freelance graphic designer with a focus on print design.

  • Captured over 120 weddings!

  • Avid outdoors enthusiast.

  • Land Rover/4WDing fanatic.

  • Coffee-lover (just give me a white chocolate mocha to make my day).

  • Nature appreciator.

  • Permanent night owl.

  • Animal lover.

  • Indoor plant collector - I'm too scared to count them now.

  • Partner to a Thor-lookalike named Josh.

  • SCUBA diver (and daughter of two ex-commercial divers).

  • Blanket hog - I had no idea, but Josh insists I am.

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