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Updated: May 29, 2020

Your ceremony is arguably the most important part of your wedding day and sets the tone for the rest of your marriage celebrations, so how can you make sure it’ll look as beautiful as you’ve been imagining? Whether your theme is rustic boho or beachy glam, these are my best tips to ensure your ceremony is a photographer’s dream!


First things first, visit the venue and look at options for the location of your ceremony. It’s important to plan a layout that will accommodate all your guests comfortably and have space for your wedding party to stand beside you – no-one wants to feel cramped!

Don’t forget you will need to leave room for a signing table nearby and have space for your photographer(s) and/or videographer(s) to move around. Other considerations might include whether it is easy access for your elderly guests or child-friendly for those with little ones attending.


Now that you’ve picked a location, start creating a layout for your ceremony and enact how you will stand on the big day. Ideally you’ll want to do this in the same month and same time of day as your ceremony so the conditions are similar.

Is the ceremony location in shade or sun at your chosen time? Keep in mind that dappled light can be unflattering in photos so it is best to choose full shade or full sun, and make sure you don’t position anyone to look directly at the sun. Lastly, check that the background is clear of distractions – including where the wedding party will enter from!

Another helpful hint is to mark out exactly where you’re going to stand during the ceremony, there’s nothing more disappointing than realizing you stood off-centre from the wedding arbour you spent hours choosing and all your photos are unbalanced!


An important question for every couple planning an outdoor wedding to ask – is there a backup plan for excessive heat or rain? We have fabulous weather most of the year in Central Queensland, but it always pays to be prepared!

Check with your chosen venue about alternatives for the ceremony if conditions are unfavourable and ask your photographer for their thoughts as well. Any professional should have alternative options in mind and come prepared with umbrellas for you.


While your ceremony may be the main event, don’t forget about some little details that can make a big difference. Get your guests on board with the ‘unplugged’ concept (this means to turn off cameras and mobile devices) so they can be truly present as you say ‘I do’ and allow your vendors to do their job uninterrupted.

Confetti, bubbles or rose petals can also be a great way to start the party when you walk back up the aisle as newlyweds! You’ll likely have family portraits taken straight after this, so allocate a spot suitable for group photos and have people on hand to help out where they’re needed. Oh, and always consider ways to put your own twist on the traditional - doggy ring bearer, perhaps?

I hope these tips were helpful to plan your ceremony!



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