With a best friend as photogenic as Gabby and her handsome fiancee Nat, it was the perfect opportunity for me to plan something a little out of the ordinary and celebrate their engagement in the process. We organised a day trip to Blackdown Tableland NP, styled outfits, scouted locations, put on makeup at the side of the road and hiked to this breathtaking location. It rained, I broke in my brand new camera, we fought off flies in plague proportions, they kissed and had a waterfight, I climbed a waterfall and in the end we got some pretty epic engagement photos.

If you are an adventurous spirit at heart too, I have dedicated adventure sessions where we can plan your own special photoshoot somewhere scenic or sentimental. Be prepared to get your shoes dirty, your hair messy and maybe hike/climb/get your clothes wet in the name of a great photo! I'd love nothing more than to combine my love of nature and 4WDing/camping/SCUBA diving with my passion for portrait photography, so tell me all your backstories and wild ideas!

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