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This babe booked a boudoir shoot to gift her husband-to-be on their wedding day... the perfect present for a partner who has everything, and you get to treat yourself too! While I'd say Amy was a little nervous at first, she totally rocked her session and was kind enough to let me share a few photos below.

We chose a boho/natural theme for her session and were lucky enough to use the recently renovated Queenslander 'Caroline St' for the location. The combination of lacy/soft lingerie with the earthy tones of the house made for some beautifully feminine images, which were then gifted to her hubby in a timber print box.

Though the thought of glamour photography might be daunting, it is time to embrace the skin you're in and put some self-love into practise! I want you to believe you're beautiful as you are (today! Not when... [insert excuse here]).

Every client receives my exclusive guide which explains the boudoir photography process, gives you all the styling tricks/advice I've learned over the years and helps you prepare for a fun, empowering photoshoot. Become a boudoir babe and contact me to talk about booking your shoot today!

Hair: Elite Mobile Hair & Beauty.

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