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As technology develops, most of us have a camera at our fingertips but have seemingly forgotten just how special it is to hold a photograph in our hand. Getting photos together and documenting precious moments should be a joy, but so often it becomes too difficult and we resort to 'next time'. It's too hard to get Mum in a photo, it's too hard to get all the kids in one place and smiling, it's too hard to line up Dad's work schedule... sounds familiar, right?

As someone who has documented countless joyful moments - the beginning of a marriage, after a new life has entered the world, of family milestones - it is important to remember these moments are the only thing you will have to look back on once that time is over. Your babies are only little for a short time, Grandparents sadly won't be here forever and nobody else will notice that you haven't lost that 5kgs that you're using as an excuse to not get in photos.

One day in the future when your children are grown up, they will look back on your family photographs and cherish it more than any other images they have - memories are timeless and more valuable than anything you could buy. Your story is worth celebrating, you are worthy of existing in photos.

“One day your children will look for photos of you, what will they find?” - Sue Bryce Photographer

Now, don't forget that taking the photos is only step one of the process. Most clients can get around to uploading their favourites on Facebook and maybe changing their phone background, but then what? You let them sit neglected on your USB collecting virtual dust? Look at what happened to floppy disks and CDs - no doubt USBs will be outdated in a few years as well, but your prints will still be hanging on the wall.

Ordering products is so easy to put off, yet so important to make time for and a good professional photographer will streamline the process for you! I can help with ordering heirloom quality prints, designing fine art albums or creating any kind of wall art display you can dream up - and have plenty of samples for those who'd rather see it in person first.

Professionally printing your images turns them into a tangible keepsake that can be passed on for generations. I'm sure almost everyone has fond childhood memories looking through old family photo albums, so let's keep the tradition going and preserve those precious moments. Exist in photos.



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